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General Home Repairs & Maintenance

Home Maintenance Springfield, NJ

Whether you have an old home, or a newer one, there are always home upkeep chores that need to be done. Interior or Exterior — we can help fix small problems in your Springfield, NJ home before they turn into big ones. If you did let it turn into a big problem... we can fix those too.

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NOTE: We provide full detailed estimates and we must arrange visit to your site to properly size and evaluate current site conditions.


We can help in most areas from the top down. On the outside of your home, water is the enemy, we can help with water issues from failed roofing, flashing, caulking and even water issues in your basement. Water causes rot, and we can fix rot in your windows, doors, sills or any exterior trim work. Decks and porches are also a common area in need of upkeep and repairs.


We can help with most maintenance on the interior of your home. From woodwork, to painting, to fixture replacements, we can help. If your walls or ceilings are damaged to an accident or a plumbing issue, we can repair and paint to look like new. We repair or replace your old doors and cabinets if they are broken or squeaking.

Real Estate Transactions

Handyman For Real Estate Transaction near Springfield, NJ

Whether you are a real estate professional helping a client buy or sell a home, or if you are the home buyer or home seller, we can be your one stop call near Springfield, NJ.

Whether it be pre-listing painting or touch-ups, or fixing a punch-list from a home inspection you can trust our craftsman with your project.

If you are a home buyer, we can help with any pre move-in work you need done — That would be minor punch list fixes, painting, floor refinishing, or more major projects like renovating kitchens, bathrooms, or moving walls.

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