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Exterior Painting


Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting Contractor Long Hill, NJ

Let us Color Your World. You can trust our team of dependable painting professionals to do your job right, from wood repair, to exacting surface preparation, to applying quality paints and finishing with impeccable clean up of your Long Hill, NJ home.

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NOTE: We provide full detailed estimates and we must arrange visit to your site to properly size and evaluate current site conditions.

Exterior House Painting

A house is the biggest investment many of us will ever make - so stay on top of painting and maintence to protect that investment.

You can trust our team of professionals with your exterior home maintenance and painting. Sun, Water and Temperatures can be brutal on your home, so stay on top of it and keep water out with proper wood repair, prep work, painting and caulking.

Home Restoration

We specialize in home restorations. We love historic homes, but often age, weather, and neglect cause them to fall into disrepair. We specialize in the proper resoration and preservation of hisoric homes with their elaborate wood details. This process often requires wood repair, stripping, lead paint removal, and dealing with old windows, doors, and other building systems. To keep these beautiful old structures looking good is worth the effort.

Exterior Painting is Seasonal

Exterior painting and restoration must be done in proper weather condisitons. From surface prep to application of primer and paint, proper temperature and moisture conditions must be met in order to insure the coatings perform at their best and last as longs as they should.

Quality Paints

High quality paints actually save you money. While the paints will cost more, they usually cover better, meaning less coats, and last longer meaning we wont be back as often.

Exterior Painter near Long Hill, NJ
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